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  • Avoid the hassles of buying or selling mobile phones and other used electronics that could be lost, stolen, network-blocked, have insurance claims, and uncertain legal titles.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CheckMEND? Expand

CheckMEND is the world's most comprehensive device check. It can be used by individuals, traders, retailers and recyclers to check the history and current status of a device, or other personal possession.

A CheckMEND report helps to reassure you that an item you're about to buy or trade-in has not been recorded as:

  • Stolen
  • Lost
  • Subject to an insurance claim
  • Blocked by a mobile network
  • Not permitted for resale

It can also help you to achieve the best price on eBay, Gumtree or any other marketplace when selling your device second-hand. Each check comes with an official CheckMEND report, which can be verified online at any time.

CheckMEND forms part of Recipero's Crime Reduction Ecosystem, so the reports generated benefit from real-time device checks against billions of records, both in the UK and globally, giving you comprehensive results.

What will my device history report tell me? Expand

When a search is performed, it looks at hundreds of millions of property history records and can provide confirmation of item identity, tell you if an item is (or has ever been) recorded as lost, stolen, is a counterfeit, been cloned, had any insurance or warranty claims made against it, whether it's new and - in the case of handsets - any restrictions on international use.

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How do you check a device? Expand

To perform a successful check, you need to add at least one identifier for your item.

For phones, you should ideally provide the IMEI number. To find your phone's IMEI number simply dial *#06# and the 14 to 18 digit number will display on screen. Only the first 15 digits are relevant. If only 14 are shown, they are all you need.

For other devices, provide the serial number.

Each identifier you enter must include only the unique numbers, letters and characters that form the identifier. Do not type in any other additional information such as 'serial number' or 'IMEI'.

Does CheckMEND only check phones? Expand

CheckMEND can provide reports for electronics of all kinds;

  • Mobile/Cell Phone
  • iPad/Tablet
  • Laptop
  • PC/Mac Computers
  • GPS/Sat Nav
  • Digital Camera
  • Bicycle
  • Gaming Console
  • Audio Equipment
  • Watch
  • HDTV

It's possible to check the background history of any item where a unique identifier can be found such as a Serial or IMEI number, but if you are unsure please contact support about the suitability of your item.

Learn more about identifiers (i.e. serial numbers)
How fast will I receive my report? Expand

Your results are delivered instantly, with a downloadable report available to provide evidence of the result.

Do you offer bulk pricing? Expand

Whether you're an individual or trader, if you frequently buy, sell, or otherwise handle used property and in particular, consumer electronics, a CheckMEND account can save you money.

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If your business has high volumes, multiple locations, requires systems (API) integration, or has other specific needs then our contracted solutions are for you. Please email to discuss opening a corporate account.